IBM Connections is the best Social Software software. Don´t take our word for it – just listen to our customers

Just watched a very nice video. Talking is the CIO van BAYER on IBM Connections:

This video by Bayer at the recent German event launch pretty much covers most customer questions about Connections – but here are the answers straight from the mouth of a customer!

First minute are in German but the presentation is in English and current accessible externally. In german the person explains that he was up to speed with his job in 6 weeks in stead of 6 months

Here is the link to the video:

* Why is Connections better than Yammer?

because the conversation is focused on business – on Yammer people just talk about movies etc.

* Why is Connections better than SharePoint + Newsgator?

cost, complexity and development effort

* How did you deal with adoption?

be clear about what tool to use when – make sure users understand what’s in it for them and they will follow

* Do the senior execs engage? 

yes! CEO microblogs at least twice a week and has his own community.

* What kind of adoption are you seeing in your customer base? 

a lot! 66% of users use frequently with over 100 posts each day

* Why would a CEO use a microblog?

because they get to engage with people they otherwise wouldn’t and they get to see what people think is really important

* How do you position Connections in wider collaboration strategy such as SharePoint, Document Management etc.?

SharePoint works for structured documents, if you want to share ideas and getting people to work x-department you need Connections!

* Does it integrate with Lync?


If you want to hear more customers talk about what they have done with IBM Connections, how they started their road on becoming a social business, How they started with User adoption, their mobile strategy, etc come to Connect 2013 in Orlando – January 27-31


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