Mobile Social Collaboration

While I was preparing my mobile collaboration video I was surprised that the capabilities IBM Connections delivers is almost one on one with the full web client. And not only on iOS, Android and Blackberry phones, but also on tablets. With the trend of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) we see more people that use their own device.

Most vendors of collaboration software deliver push mail, instant messaging clients for multiple devices, but for social I think the focus on most big vendors is only on the conversation. So people are then stuck in second gear.

Worst mobile experience here is Microsoft SharePoint, as they have a brilliant client for the Windows Phone,

WP SharePoint Interfacebut really no mobile interface at all for other clients. So I tried the most downloaded app for SharePoint, but it focussed only on documents; not social at all. Yammer has multiple clients, but there I thought it was lacking the full capabilities. The focus was on the conversation and that was about it. Jive was also limited in comparison with their full web client, but I really missed a tablet version. Well enough typing here and see for yourself.


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