Yesterday I watched the live stream of the Opening General Session of IBM Connect (at It was great to see my many familiar faces on stage presenting.

On of the new thing that was announced was IBM Project Toscana…. wondering what catchy name will be found as I will Toscana you just too much a mouth full. But the question is off course where does it come from.

Long long time ago (1998), not in a galaxy very far away, there was a small company called Lotus that brought technology of Databeam and Ubique together and forged Sametime chat. In those days most people were still using email :-). After the chat the persistent chat (chat rooms) with the option to share files was developed, called Sametime Advanced. This was integrated in the chat client, so for each room you were notified if there was a new number of messages, from a certain author, etc.


Fast forward to a couple of years ago: everything went social and mobile. Sametime chat was running on mobile, looking good, but no persistent group chats i.e. Sametime Advanced was untouched and never went mobile. Meanwhile WhatsApp became almost the default for (persistent) chat on mobile and (social) activity streams became the new way of communicating with people. A lot of smaller start-ups jumped on this and Slack, Mattermost, HipChat and other collaboration tools became available focusing on persistent group chat collaboration stream.

And now IBM launched project Toscana: a new way for team collaboration.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 11.49.59

It integrates all the best of IBM Collaboration platform; Sametime Chat and Advanced, Connections Files, Activities and adds note taking and integration (API’s) of modern consumer social media tools and Toscana runs in browser and on mobile.

So the big question is off course: when can we get our hands on the first (beta) version?

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