small_ExpertonSocialBusinessLeader If you are reading a lot of analyst studies, you usually have the choice between ‘best of breed’ and ‘best platform offering’. This time it is different. Experton, the European Analyst firm, did an extensive vendor benchmark on Social Business. They are – at least to my knowledge – the first ones collecting data from Social Business Services up to different software components playing into the Social Business space. Just published early 2014 their study shows 9 different quadrants. And the results remind me of Star Trek Voyager and 7 of 9. Why? IBM is in the leader quadrant in 8 of 9 quadrants. The only quadrant not listing IBM as leader is the one for Social CRM. IBM doesn’t have an offer in this space … This is an outstanding and impressive achievement and shows the companies commitment in the Social Business space.


When talking about Social Business, people…

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One thought on “[EN] Star Trek Reloaded? Eight of Nine – IBM rules the Social Business Market – New Study from Experton

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